Tetley Tea Success

Galina and Asif each called into the E&T Hub and had a chat with us about what they are looking for. We helped them compile their CVs at our Wednesday afternoon CV Workshop (Work Ready Wednesday!).

We talked to them about the kind of things they were looking for and suggested they signed up to the Tetley Sector Based Work Academy Programme (SWAP).

The Hub Team had several meetings with Tetley where we discussed their recruitment needs, found out more about the issues they were having with recruitment and put a plan in place to support them with this, we offered them a SWAP as a way of meeting new applicants. This is a week long course where the employer comes in on day one to explain a bit more about the business and again on day 5 to interview the candidates. The course involves providing the candidates with the employability skills they need to be successful.

The Tetley Tea SWAP was delivered from our Hub by our colleagues at Learning & Skills. Galina and Asif both attended and were great students who threw themselves into it and got a lot from it. On the last day of the course they each gave brilliant interviews and Tetley had no hesitation in offering them the jobs.

Since they started with Tetley that have gone from strength to strength, quickly both becoming important members of their team. We have received brilliant feedback on both of them and it is great to hear how well they are both doing.

This is what Scott Kennedy (Learning & Development Officer at Tetley) had to say:

“After meeting with the team at Stockton Employment & Training Hub and discussing our on-site requirements for operators, the team at the Hub put on a short course for us developing the candidates in the area’s we expressed where important. During the full process we were kept well informed of progress and the attendees of the course. On the last day myself and my colleague interviewed all of the candidates, we were impressed with the people put forward and where very happy to offer roles within our factory to two candidates Asif and Galina, since starting with us both Galina and Asif have performed extremely well and have both passed their probation, they have settled well and become valuable members of their respective teams. I look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Stockton Employment & Training Hub, as well as the great team they have working there, in their impressive new offices. I would highly recommend that anyone in the area access the hub and speak with the team to see how they can help your business’s needs.”

This has been a great example of partnership working between the Hub Team, Learning & Skills and a great local employer for the benefit of two of our clients. We are all delighted to see how well Galena and Asif are doing!